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The "madman of glasses" makes his comeback
Damien Miglietta presents a pair of glasses designed from colored pencils.
“Dare to be different! ".
The Jury's Favorite: Desire to see
Return to the traditional aspect of the profession of optician: craftsman eyewear.
Damien Miglietta is a designer optician and winner of the best craftsman award in Bordeaux.
Desire to see: The new generation of designer eyewear opticians
"Our know-how is shared in our tailor-made creation workshops"
Interview with Damien Miglietta, winner of the prize for the best craftsman in Bordeaux.
The strength of our concept lies in its originality, know-how and service.
House of know-how, customization and creation
"I make unique pieces by hand in my workshop
Desire to See "
Desire to See Y
in Arcachon
Aiguillon district
Damien Miglietta, the glasses madman
Desire to see there, an atypical Com 'for an innovative brand!
“I put on the agenda one of the facets of the profession of optician that of the master craftsman eyewear. "
"I live for glasses, I eat glasses,
I sleep with glasses "
Emilie opened her Boutique in May 2017. Her passion for the profession, her desire to innovate and her thirst to create, corresponded to the Desire to see concept.