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A distributor for distracted myopic at Bordeaux airport

Ambre & eyes corner.png

In its distributor called "Eyes Corner" Ambre Garcia who is a qualified optician, offers products or repair accessories in case of forgetting or breakage.

These include reading glasses, sunglasses for adults and children, glasses to reduce blue light from screens and solutions for cleaning travel-size contact lenses.

Eyes corner was elected in 2017 as the public's favorite among the stars of Bordeaux commerce and craftsmanship

I am very happy… And I am also reassured: Eyes Corner is the first automatic distributor of glasses in the world and it appeals to the people of Bordeaux and perhaps even to others, beyond the metropolis. The general public never lies. Through their vote, anonymous people decided to reward me. By their vote, they testify to the success of my company, I am very touched and I thank them. "

(Amber Garcia)

eyes corner sachet voyage.jpg

Article to find on the CNEWS Bordeaux website

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