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File: designer opticians

" I work with cellulose acetate. I started to make glasses in the carbon of ice hockey sticks facing in the paddle of the stick and the branches in the handle being careful to keep the name of the player who owns the broken stick. "

(Damien Miglietta)

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The Desire to see concept is a return to the traditional aspect of the profession of optician: craftsman eyewear. A high-end store, which offers several new services, such as the restoration or recycling of frames, but also services focused on creation such as the addition of touches of colored acetate. Damien Miglietta is a designer optician and winner of the best craftsman award in Bordeaux. "I plan to make glasses out of broken skateboards."

We have placed at the heart of our stores, the creation workshop where the customer can attend and participate with us in the creation of eyewear. We offer each client to come and size and assemble their equipment in order to make them actors and not spectators in their choice.

We also organize workshops for children on Saturday mornings to introduce them to the profession of eyewear craftsman and why not encourage vocations afterwards? They all leave with their mounts and stars in their eyes. We are now franchisors and we have been developing for more than a year throughout France with the opening of a fifth store. We anticipate around ten openings by the end of 2018. We also have requests elsewhere in Europe and we wish to establish ourselves in North America in order to export this “French craftsman” aspect. We personally train all our franchisees in the creation and services offered. International development is our priority. "

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Article to find in En Vue magazine in the March / April 2018 issue (p.13)

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