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Eyes Corner: Optic to Go
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I wanted to provide a real service to the user in transit, caught off guard in the event of loss, breakage or forgetfulness. The strength of this project is to focus on quality, even for these small products. "

(Amber Garcia)

Optics to take to the airport: "Eyes Corner"
Sunglasses, reading or anti-blue light glasses, lens cleaning solutions ... all in an automatic dispenser!
Eyes Corner - Opticto Go
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Article from the city of Mérignac to find on their site.
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It is in France that the first real automatic distributor of glasses and dedicated optical products was developed with Eyes Corner - Optic to Go! The concept, still in the test phase, is that of Ambre Garcia, an optician and entrepreneur who revisits the optics to take away.
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Article to find on the blog of Eyes Road.
“At start-up, I spent a lot of time on site to supply the machine. It was there that I was able to see how the distributor's customers were pleasantly surprised by the initiative. It's a service they find useful, and comments left on social media highlight the quality of the products they've purchased. "
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Article to find on Da Mag, portal of the automatic distribution.
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Ambre Garcia, who with his companion owns several shops in the Bordeaux metropolitan area under the Désir voir brand, had the idea for this distributor three years ago. “One day, I was attacked in my shop in Mérignac Mondésir,” she says. After that it was very hard for me to be calm in my store. The young woman then thinks about other ways to practice her profession. “This distributor has been my therapy. Ambre Garcia worked on his project for almost three years before finally seeing it come to fruition a few months ago.
Article to find on the site of C NEWS Bordeaux.
Nice city train station
"Serving is the future!"
In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.
Souvenir Bordeaux Airport
Gaëtan Huard & Eyes Corner
In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.
Installed since September 2020 in NICE station
Inside Eyes Corner
NICE Ville train station
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